Monday, December 12, 2011

"Chicks with guns"

Mmm, delish. From Lindsay McCrum's book Chicks With Guns.
Book site.
Thanks to tOP.

I don't find guns very interesting, and the title would normally bring to mind such mindless fare as this. But this shot and particularly the woman, is just wunderbar.

Actually I find an aesthetic disconnect from a beautiful woman to a gun. The latter is inherently the opposite of life-affirming, since it's designed simply to kill. If not repulsive, then boring.


Russ said...

I highly recommend checking out the official website:

You can view more photos from the book there. I especially like the "Bond Girl in black" in the stuffed animal room. After a day out shooting big game, she cleans up rather well dontcha think? ;-)

craniac said...

I've been vacillating over buying this book for a month now. Even had it in my Amazon cart once but didn't check out. Balancing money and wants vs. needs is such a pain.

Philip said...

Makes you want to take the law into your own hands...