Monday, November 07, 2011

RED Scarlet-X

Some of us suspected RED was falling by the wayside since they announced a lot more things than they actually delivered (for example their fabled DSLR-killer camera). But it seems they are kicking still, they have announced they are coming out with the Scarlet-X camera, a 5k (5,000 pixels horisontal resolution) film and still camera, highly modular like their other cameras.

This is well outside my expertise, but as I understand it, RED's aim is to make top-professional digital video cameras for real film making, but at prices well below what other Hollywood-class video systems cost. And from what I hear, they are largely succeeding, several A-movies have already been made with their cameras.

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emptyspaces said...

I was skeptical for a while...probably due to all the hot air that comes from RED's CEO. He was talking about this latest camera for what seemed like quite a long time, promising it was imminent, etc.

That said, it looks pretty awesome. We already know Peter Jackson's a fan...