Friday, September 02, 2011

Lenka - Trouble Is A Friend

[Thanks to Anna]

Good song, pretty singer, very cool visuals, and even thought-provoking lyrics. I've heard about how periods of trouble have helped people in their personal development much more than plain sailing had usually done.

posted by Eolake Stobblehouse @ Friday, September 02, 2011   3 comments links to this post


At 6 Sep 2011, 23:22:00, Blogger BaronessBlack said...

Since you posted this, the song has really grown on me! Very catchy!

At 7 Sep 2011, 10:16:00, Blogger eolake said...

Me too, thanks Anna.

Thanks for reminding me, I'd bought her album, but then forgotten to listen to it. :-)

Lovely visuals too.

At 10 Sep 2011, 15:57:00, Anonymous Anna said...

The funny thing is: the first I listened to it, I didn't like it that much.

But then it grew inside of me, as BaronessBlack beautifully says. And now, I am spreading the word! :)


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