Thursday, September 01, 2011

Darren's Great Big Camera

Darren's Great Big Camera blog.


TC [Girl] said...

Very cool! Was "worried" that he wasn't able to take portrait [directional] shots of those big "honkers;" (there are none posted) but...further along, on his blog, I found a portrait...of a bottle so...glad to know that he has that capability.

Was also "fun" to see a couple of "old" news anchors that I used to watch, in the Bay Area...along w/some old "haunts." Thanks for sharing. :-D

Would be FUN to have such a camera! Wonder how much it cost him to build.

Anonymous said...

"Jesus" TC Girl "you" really need to "stop" with the "fucking" "overuse" :-D "of" the "quotation" marks!!!!