Thursday, August 04, 2011

Storytelling, the break-out tale

Have you noticed how most storytelling, particularly TV shows (which may be the most important form of storytelling right now), all consists of people trying to break free of something, and they never do.
That's why I enjoy the rare story like Office Space, where they actually succeed.

How about a story about an office girl who decides that she'd rather be a lesbian and a rock basist in Manchester, she goes and it actually works and she's a lot happier!
Sure, there'll be problems along the way to keep the story interesting, but none of that banging-the-head-on-the-wall forever stuff. It's stale and unproductive.


TC [Girl] said...

You're going to fricken LURV your "girl," Aniston, in Horrible Bosses' (I was really desperate to go see a movie, that night! lol!)...even though this trailer pretty much sums up the "best parts" of it! They shoulda put that piece w/Aniston dressed like that somewhere towards the end 'cuz it doesn't get much better than that through the entire movie! I'm always surprised that she doesn't make an effort to get "deeper" roles than she always plays. But...dudes probably don't come to see how well she acts, either! :-/

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Seems fun.

I suspect that she, and most other actors, are *always* trying to get some serious roles, if for no other reason than those are the ones Oscars go to. So it's probably the competition plus conservative casting which makes it hard for her to get them.
(Though I think she proved in The Good Girl and Friends With Money that she's very good.)

Anonymous said...

If you want to win an Oscar you need to do something about the Holocaust or something like The Help. Just not I Am Sam. Never go full retard unless you're prepare to go home empty handed.