Monday, August 01, 2011

Infographics and art

I like infographics (which are all the rage they say), and I'm beginning to think about them in artistic terms. 'Cuz they start with interest in looking closer, something the artist is often hungry for. And since a graphic can be almost anything, you can build in your art right there. Your text too, humor, whatever.

On the right is a fun one. (Needs to be clicked to be readable, obviously. And clicked on again in the new window, unless you have a 5-feet high monitor.)
(Apropos the humor, it does not even have to be made up: "Men are 28% more likely to seek medical help for a rectal foreign body".)

Oh, and here's a pretty one for the Apple Fanboy Zombies like me. (Unless they had a source to all those simple-graphic representations of all those products (and I doubt it), then making this one was a lot of work.)

See what I mean? One which one likes just begs to become a poster.

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