Wednesday, August 24, 2011

City Jitters

City Jitters, report of the earthquake centered in Virginia. It was felt in a wide area. It was a 5.8. So far no major damage reported.
(I liked the "boom, boom-boom" professor, Ms. Lohman, very nice presence.)


emptyspaces said...

I live and work about 30 miles from where that earthquake happened. It was kinda cool, we just filed outside the office wearing confused looks. The rumbling lasted 30-45 seconds or so. About 6 hours later, mirrors and framed photos shook in the house during an aftershock.

Apparently, the U.S east coast sits on top of a much harder and cooler rock than our compatriots out west who experience these tremors more often, so the seismic waves could travel longer distances. Which is why NYC could feel it, and even points farther away from the epicenter.

I've lived my whole life on the east coast, and that was definitely the biggest earthquake I can remember. Pretty awesome to behold, since nobody got hurt.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh yes, the big rock slate explains the reach.

They say it was the biggest in the area since... I think it was 1944.

Anonymous said...

like I said, I'm an hour north of NYC and sitting at the computer around 10 of 2, everything began vibrating, like the computer and table and then the house was in a gigantic dryer. I said, "Whooaaa.... what is this?" Then two hours later went back online and saw news of the quake.

Maybe it really is true, I'm not running things.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yeah, I think that's a basic lesson in life. Tough one.

We had a earthquake here in UK a couple years ago. First one I ever experienced. I was asleep, and it was pretty much over after it had woken me up, so I just had time to think "did things just move" and go back to sleep, and hear about it the day after.

Laurie said...

Yeah. Now just imagine you live down in coastal Florida where it makes landfall, or maybe like my friend you've just been told you have terminal cancer, or maybe your partner just died and he was making all the money, etc. etc. The other day out walking it occurred to me, every last one of us here has a terminal illness. I said to myself, "Now why don't you just acknowledge that to yourself Laurie, you have a terminal illness, you're gonna die, 30 years might as well be a day, you don't have to broadcast it, you can pretend it's secret knowledge, but live it because it's true."
So why do I go putzing around in all my little fears and anxieties?
Isn't there something bigger going on that's really really cool? That some day is gonna sweep me right up? For an moment during that *earth tremor* I felt this excitement again.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...