Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Autumn years tatoos

Pensioner women getting tattooed.


TC [Girl] said...

I didn't know that they made temporaries! Good trial for someone...before they do something more permanent! I think the designs are cool but...not enough to enjoy seeing a person's body riddled with them! :-( More fun to just have Henna done! That goes away, too! :-D

Anonymous said...

Tattoos are so common these days, everyone and his grandmother are getting them (at least around here.)
My son at 21 came here with a tattoo on his chest, written in Latin: Here lies King Arthur, the Once and Future King." I guess that book made quite an impression on him. But what the hell?

Off topic: I just survived the Earthquake of 'll. I'm an hour north of NYC, it was weird, I was at the computer, and it started to shake, and the table it was resting on was shaking, like the whole house was inside a drier . . . . Weird. And I lived to tell. Think I'll go get a tattoo, life is short.


Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Guess it was widespread, Angelo in NYC also wrote about the quake.