Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shock- and water-proof Ricoh

Ricoh has announced a new compact camera, Ricoh PX, shock-proof to a 1.5m drop, and water-proof to three meters depth.

I really like the super-simple design. (I wonder how it auto-focuses though, I can't see any focus sensor. It has a zoom, so it can't be fix-focus (no focusing at all, depth of field covers it).)

It woulda been kewl if they'd removed all text and the flash from the front, so there would have been only the lens. Now that's clean design, I'd love to see that.
"Artist's impression" of that:

(Not real)

It's all doable, the name can be on the top, the flash can too (though probably not in a water-proof camera), and even though it seems like all lenses have their data engraved on them, I doubt there's any law that says they must have. (And if there is, the subtle engraved text is not bad at all.) 

It's a very compact camera, so it's pretty amazing that it has a 5x zoom which does not extend from the body! The lens sits side-wise in the body and "looks out" via a 45-degree mirror. But still, that's very compact, I wonder if that affects the image quality. 

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