Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gotta love customer service

I sometimes buy things from the US, which are delivered by DHL, and then later I get a bill for the inport tax. If it's UPS, I just pay cash to the delivery man, which is much easier. With a bill for ten pounds, I have to call up, or write a check, or wrestle with their web site, which apparently doesn't work on a Mac. A bit of a hassle for a tenner.

Today I had a charge for £9.61. I called up, and the guy found the invoice and confirmed the amount and my name, and then he put me on hold a couple of times and then... he told me to call another number...
This number did not work.
So I called back to the first number. This time I got a girl. She told me that she could not find any invoice by that number!
She did however have an invoice by a similar amount, unpaid. I said, what the heck, let's pay that, while we are partying. She did some of her stuff, whatever they do, and then she told me that I don't have any outstanding invoices, I don't owe them anything.
Well, best outcome if it has to be this way, but still, very weird.

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