Friday, July 29, 2011

Good old days

My friend Charles wrote:

I was, at  the time, a representative with an Apple Reseller in Philadelphia when the Mac was rolled out.  We were scheduled for training prior the  Jan 22 1984 roll out date.  The training was scheduled at a hotel and when we got there we were first shown how the Mac went together.  The first thing I noticed was the shipping cartons the computers arrived in were assembled inside out so the shippers would not know just what they were transporting.  Those were halcyon days, the margins on computers at that time was about 40% .  We made money, Apple made money, there was no internet sales.  Ahh to live in the past.

Yes, I remember nearly as long ago (late eighties?), a friend told me he had talked his big company into buying a specialized computer, for something like $5 grand, call it $8k adjusting for inflation. I asked him what for, and he laughed and said “just desktop publishing”. I asked him years later what that super-duper-NASA computer had been, turns out it was just a standard Mac costing that much at the time! (Probably with a laser printer.) May have been fun and carefree times for the resellers, but we customers have more fun now! 

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