Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding day

OK, so today is/was the big Royal Wedding Day here in the UK. I'm not a fan, but I've been told it was well done, so respect for that.

It's clear though that the sheer magnitude of the event and the noise about it has divided the country pretty hard. I only heard two short radio snippets yesterday, and one was: "so tomorrow is the royal wedding. And whether you think that's wonderful or dreadful..." And the other one was a well-spoken man calling to a program and saying that the wedding is a cover-up of the governments and economy's collapse. Not a distraction, mind you, but a cover-up! And from the host's comments, he was far from the only one to say so. Wow. While the weather is really nice, it's not hot enough to justify that kind of thinking, if so it can be called.


emptyspaces said...

Look, we've got plenty of weirdos in the States that either think our government planned 9/11 and that the Oval Office has been reoriented to face Mecca. Not the mention the kooks that think our President wasn't born in America. So it's good to hear that the U.K. has paranoid weirdos, too.

From over here, the Royal Wedding seems like much ado about nothing, but it looks amazing as a spectacle. I think of it as a fantastic photo opportunity, if I were there for some reason. And by that, I mean shooting the scene from wherever you are, not the nuptials necessarily.

Alex said...

Oh, that would be good. Remember those photo books they had in the 80's where they chose one day, and had people submit personal photos. I think it was "A Day In Life" or some such. Do a Royal Wedding day.

For a royalist, this is one of those rah-rah go-team days. For a socialist it's a day of "look how much money they spend on those idle sods".

As for a distraction from shitty situations. Not a very good one as it's well know of the divide in the UK. And it's been a month or so of excitement and sales of the Daily Mirror color supplement edition will be way up this weekend.

TC [Girl] said...

Imagine someone having a costlier wedding than Royalty?! AMAZING!

And...what a "starter" home! It is the Spelling estate that was deemed the most expensive home on the market (I had wondered who had bought it!) and...they paid CASH for it! Good for them! Hope they'll be happy!

eolake said...

Me too.

Who can live in a home with less than 27 bathrooms? My gawd, the energy such a lifestyle must take!

TC [Girl] said...

I know; right?! lol! Quite ODD! She must have a SHITLOAD (LOL! Just went back over what I wrote: I didn't even try to make that pun! Really! :-) of butlers and such! That or...that house is going to be packed with all her/their(?) "friends" that always want to come and stay! It's a fricken HOTEL, for crying out loud! lol!

It would be neat to see the inside, though. The outside, alone, is very nice! :-D (oh and...the bathrooms in places like that ain't too shabby, neither, ya know! It would be nice to have enough maids so that one wouldn't have to "suffer" w/having to clean more than one or two at the most, daily; or however often!

"Hope they'll be happy!"
I sed that 'cuz you know how everyone always sez that financial stresses are one of the top reasons that people divorce. Well...they seem to have all that squared away. I wonder what else might get in their way of "wedded bliss." Too much...distance between his and her rooms?! :-/