Monday, March 14, 2011

Pricing e-books

Here's an interesting tidbit: I just saw an author write of an experiment: he had increased a small technical book from 99c to $2.99... and the sales tripled... af increasing the price!

On the other hand, fiction author J. Konrad dumped the price from 2.99 to 0.99, and his sales shot up so much that his earnings tripled!

I think that from tech books and business books, where people expect to get something useful, perhaps profitable, from a book, the right price is much higher than for a book which is just bought for airplane reading.


Bronislaus Janulis said...


Your thoughts on the difference between technical and entertainment seem right, but then I collide with SW's book on Money, and one should charge a premium, but that conflicts with the posts about just giving one's work away; I'm so confused ...



eolake said...

Trust me, there's a *lot* of confusing in this area.

For one thing it depends on people knowing your brand well, if you can get away with none or few samples.

And to charge a premium price depends on a very solid reputation and perception of high-end.