Thursday, March 17, 2011

JBL On Stage 3 Portable Speaker

I just got a JBL On Stage 3 Portable Speaker. I like it. 

It runs on the mains or on six AAs, and the sound is real dang powerful for the size, good both for podcasts and music. I've never before heard anything this size sound this good or loud. 

I like it for when I'm not around one of my speaker systems, but I don't want to wear earphones, they are not always practical. 

It takes various shapes of iPods, and it also has a regular small sound-in plug so you can use any device. (It comes with a short male-male cable.) 


TC [Girl] said...

Well, come on, Dude; let's HEAR it! WAKE UP them neighbors! :-D

Gil said...

I have the previous generation of this device, and I have to say it's one of the most useful things I've ever bought to work alongside my iPod/iPhone. I can play a podcast for a room full of people, have my whole family listen to a new song all at once, or have it playing in the kitchen for some background music. It's versatile and a whole lot louder than you might think, if you need it to be.