Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ereaders vs tablets

Are ereaders and tablets really competitors? Are they in the same market?... Article on my eReaderJoy blog.


Alex said...

They are in the same market.

I am at the point where I want an e-reader to deal with PDFs at work, and to prevent clutter on my bookshelf at home.

My Laptop is maxed out and needs a replacement.

My Samsung Alias 2 cellphone with Qwerty keypad bust its hinge.

May alarm clock is set for the old daylight savings time, so screws me over four times a year.

At this point I need to assess, and do I get

1) dumb phone and tablet
2) netbook and feature phone and alarm clock
3) kindle and Laptop
4) smart phone and tablet

there are dozens of combinations, but what makes most sense. So yes, I would put them in the same market, but they are not the same function

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, have fun with those choosings!

I'd only say, the iPad, either 1 or 2, is dang good value for money.