Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's an interest

I wonder how the mind chooses what it's interested in?

I am fascinated by art and gadgets for example. John A whose photos I've shown, is very interested in the history of Christianity, and very educated and insightful in it. Another friend is a keen collector of stamps.

An interest is probably a way of dealing with a big universe, I'm just wondering what would cause a specific choice. Admittedly this is probably way too metaphysical to have a good answer for us humans.


ttl said...

It's a combination of many factors:

– your beliefs
– impulses from your higher self
– your "life theme"
– as a method to get away from something
– etc.

eolake said...

Well said.

I have a tendency to look too hard for a single cause for everything, I suspect.

The concept of lifetime themes I find very interesting.