Sunday, January 09, 2011

Russian turnips

"If you want to win contest, your mind must be hard and joyless, like Russian turnip."  - Sergei, American Dad

What he said. I'm reminded of that Chinese girl I saw on a documentary. She was maybe eight years old, but her and perhaps even more her father had only one thing on their mind: Olympic gold. She trained gymnastics severely for hours seven days a week, and had no time for fun or a social life.

Maybe one day at seventeen against great odds, she gets the medal. Now all her life so far has culminated, her goal is reached. So now what?

I can't say, but I know it's quite common for people who reach a major goal they have not thought beyond, to head for severe depression, just when they had thought they would be happiest.


Tommy said...

"I'm reminded of that Chinese girl "

Your comment reminded me of the movie The Candidate, staring Robert Redford. He ran, or was run, for Congress. After the long election process, which he won, he turns to the guy that was pushing him and says "now what"?

Great movie..
Same idea..

eolake said...

Ah yes.
I never saw the Candidate.