Friday, January 21, 2011

Rollei 35, a classic

I think it was the Rollei 35 which when I saw it in a book in the seventies kick-started my passion for quality compact cameras. And I still think it's one of the most beautiful compacts ever made. Surprisingly heavy too, very solid build.

I just love that you can have a pocket camera which can, within its operating parameters, deliver image quality equal to a big pro camera at four times the size and weight.

Of course the famous Minox 35 is even smaller and much lighter. But in the end it's plasticky and I never felt the beauty of it in the same way.

As a teen I couldn't afford a Rollei 35, but I did have a Japanese knock-off with the same gate-design. Dang, what was the brand? Despite having no focusing aid, it was a really good camera though, I took many pics with it:


TC [Girl] said...

Really nice picture, Eo.

gab said...

Could it have been this camera - Petri Color 35
Not quite the same build quality as Rollei, but took very good pics and was just as small.

ttl said...

Yeah, this is one of your greatest snaps, if not the very best. Powerful!

I am sorry to say, but compared to your early film work, none of your digipics touch me hardly at all. I don't know why.

John D. Linn said...

Yes, the Rollei 35... a camera I lusted after. In the mid 60's I worked part time after school in a camera shop and had the chance to explore many cameras up close. Of course the Rollei was way out of my price range and I settled for the affordable Yashica Minister D, a larger rangefinder, but still a wonderful camera for learning about photography.

Alas I sold the D to a friend after a few years so I could buy my first SLR, a Mamiya/Sekor CWP.

Wish I still had the D but I still do have a shelf full of film cameras that will likely never be used again. Digital has changed everything.

emptyspaces said...

I, too, have a thing for quality compact 35mm cameras. They are many things, but best of all, they're "full frame!"

eolake said...

gab, I never had a Petri.
I guess it'll come to me.

I can understand that.
The ones shown from old days are the cream of many years, though. And I got around more, which I hope yet to do.