Friday, January 21, 2011


I've just watched the recent version of A Christmas Carol, and though it did a good job of presenting Dickens' superb story, I feel a bit surprised that Motion Capture films don't seem to me to have the visual richness and detail that most CGI films (such as Pixar's) have. I'm not sure why. Well, it may be related to mo-cap trying to make realistic humans, and CGI movies generally don't, as yet. It's a tough nut I'm sure.


TC [Girl] said...

Hi, Eo...

In the last 20 hours, that I've been here, I've see most of 3 Christmas movies that were either really hilarious or sweet. I wonder if you have seen any one of the following:

'Elouise at Christmastime;' 'Lucky Christmas;' and 'Fred Claus.' To my surprise, the 'Lucky Christmas' movie included a dude taking some room shots w/an iPad know that's a newer movie! :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Very new, only the iPad 2 has a camera.

Fred Claus seems promising. I remember enjoying Elizabeth Banks' work in some comedies or others, though I am hard pressed to name them.

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"Very new, only the iPad 2 has a camera."

Yeah. I thought that was the case. I was quite impressed to see such a new movie. I'm not fond of watching the same old movies every year.

"Fred Claus seems promising."

Aniston's old ex. :-) I was quite impressed with him in this one. Spacey doing his usual "bad guy" routine in this one. He is one of the only ones I wasn't "glad" to see! But Vince is quite surprisingly "competent" in this movie.

Now, I'm watching 'The Santa Clause' w/Tim Allen in it. They're showing reindeer (as it turns out, they don't look real, after least not the face that they keep shooting!). I just found out that I have to work til 9...for a whopping 27 hours total! I'm pooped! :-P

"I remember enjoying Elizabeth Banks' work in some comedies or others, though I am hard pressed to name them."

Looks like she's been in episodes of '30 Rock' and 'Scrubs.' :-)

Oh yeah...that was probably the BEST "employment attire" of that movie; how did I forget that?! Yes...I think it would be worth it, for you, just to see that! :-D you go. Enjoy! :-P

I think you'd get a kick out of little 'Eloise in this movie. She's quite the little [??]!! I know you enjoy children; hence, I thought you might enjoy the movie.

I love this Hallmark Channel. It's got nice family movies (or pretty "tame," otherwise stuff) on it. I'd never get anything done w/all these movie channels! You know how MUCH I LOVE watching movies! :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Ah yes, Liz was a power doctor in one season of Scrubs.

"Elf" is good.

TC [Girl] said...

Yes...we'll probably watch that, soon. The kids are too funny: heard Christmas music playing, on the radio, even before our Thanksgiving, which happens the 3rd week of November (and they'll be off that entire week!). All of a sudden, J wants to find his nutcracker and he's breaking out the Nutcracker Suite music and asking me to buy him egg nog! He's a HOOT! They can't get enough of Christmastime around here!

Me...I "put up" with most of the Christmas music, usually, "officially" starting the day after Thanksgiving...ALL THE WAY until the 26th of December!! An entire MONTH of it! I am so DONE w/it, by the time the 26th rolls around! ENOUGH, ALREADY! lol! :-P

Oh...just thought of one more thing I wanted to mention re: 'Fred Claus:' (and it's in the trailer that I linked to.) the HILARITY of him sleeping on the top bunk and his legs hanging over the edge...that's the kind of humor that is similar to Elf's. Exactly. TOO FUNNY! :-D