Thursday, December 30, 2010

A couple of iOS app I find interesting

Two iOS app I find interesting:
Spyglass (video). Interesting with compass overlaying map or camera.

Remote Conductor. (what it can do). Highly interesting as a control and trackpad. Only it seems to be clumsy with selecting multi-word text and dragging things, just like the Mac Trackpad is. Although I think their three-finger drag helps a little.

A few years ago these things could not be done, or would be much more expensive or something like that, as a friend said to me recently.       :-)

The same is true for Aiptek's 3D camcorder.


Ah, new iCandy (to coin a word) app: Living Earth. It can even show almost-real-time clouds. And you can tilt the globe and set it spinning in different speeds with a finger flick! Kewl. Or of course it can just show you a real time image of your location.

Oh, and here is another writer who finds smartphones mind-boggling

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