Friday, December 31, 2010

All you need

Salt and knife; all you need in life.


Tommy said...

OK EO, I'll bite. Can you elaborate on this one a little bit?

eolake said...

Oh, a bite!
Too often, silence like the grave when I'm a little cryptical.

Let's call it poetry. But to me it means: all you need in life is something to cut out the bites you want, and a little bit of seasoning to apply, and buffet of life will give you all the rest.

Michael Burton said...

Oh, I thought it was a knife to slash and maim, and salt to make the wounds hurt more.

Surely I'm not the only person who thought that?

eolake said...

May not have been.
That's why I'm always hesitant to explain art, or Art, or "art". It can always be seen in different lights. (Otherwise it's preaching or whatever.)

I stopped for thought in my kitchen, and noticed I had salt in my right hand and a knife in my left. I found that funny for some reason and said the first half. And the second line came up, and I found it funnier yet. I decided just to post it here "as found".

TC [Girl] said...

Nice. I like. :-) (and, for once, I was just going to leave it alone. Thank GOD you came along, Tommy, and asked about it 'cuz I was sure curious! :-D