Sunday, December 26, 2010

New semi-pro video camera

Sony has made one of the first compact-ish video cameras with a large sensor and exchangeable lenses, the NEX-VG10. Here is a (video) test report on it. Sounds like it's excellent. Although sadly the reviews on Amazon are very mixed (at least so far, but there are only six of them today).

Anyway, good trend for sure. Especially since the price, around $2000 including a long zoom, is very reasonable, I had a-feared that when they started making real video cameras (not DSLRs) with large sensors, the prices would be crazy, like they were for many years with semi-pro and pro (non-HD) digital video cameras.


Anonymous said...

I had a play around with a demo camera at Heathrow airport whilst waiting to fly home. It's an impressive camera system. Currently though, I have three cameras systems, all different and all shooting full HD video.

The Dissonance said...

I'll wait for the next version. I might have enough money saved up by then.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sounds wise. There's no doubt this is a market which will explode in 2011, almost as much as the tablet market.