Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Unspeakably horrible hands

The Fifth Invader Force, I guess.

posted by Eolake Stobblehouse @ Wednesday, August 25, 2010   5 comments links to this post


At 26 Aug 2010, 21:05:00, Blogger Tommy said...

Interesting concept. But seriously, I clicked on the image for bigger and the tentacles move, but they're stationary on your blog.

Will wonders ever cease?

At 26 Aug 2010, 21:21:00, Blogger eolake said...

I guess when blogger made the scaled-down graphic, they saved it in a format which does not support moving images.

At 27 Aug 2010, 17:16:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's better without the movement. That's just gimmicky bullshit.

At 17 Sep 2010, 22:57:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Less gimmicky than my bullshit avatar image! ;-)

I thought the animation really added some nice effect to the gag.

At 17 Sep 2010, 23:01:00, Blogger eolake said...

So did I.


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