Monday, August 30, 2010

Rid of mags

Wow, I finally pulled myself together to get rid of the magazines (photo mags, film mags, Wired, and such) which have piled up here during the eight years I've lived here. Many of them not even read. Gawd, what a bulk. The sheer combined weight was such that I had to go down five times with the big black bags.

I've not quite decided what to do with the comics. Maybe I'll just hold on to them a while yet. Because it's not bad stuff, there's a lot of really good picks in there. If in a few years it seems I will actually never read them again, then I'll give them away to an orphanage or something.


ganesha games said...

if you have time to list what you have in comics, I might be interested in them (at least in those not available digitally) or you could even sell them on ebay

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yeah, thanks. Issue is that they are not sorted, it's a big mess. And I remember how much work it was to sort them last time, many years ago, so that'll have to wait until a day with a lot of surplus energy.

Anonymous said...

You threw those all out? Somebody probably would have wanted them.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Comics, you say? Okay then: "in a few years", I'll be at your door with a minivan. And I'll carry them all down the stairs myself!
Don't bother to sort them, just separate them from other stuff you might wish to keep.

Comics you chose yourself? Can only be a very good collection. I'll throw in my soul as a bonus. Still haven't sold or rented it, mint condition, never been used. :-)

(P.S.: Did you notice how I didn't comment a word on your Stuff post? I like stuff.) :-D

P.S.2: My budgie is an orphan. Really. Lost her parents and her two siblings, her whole family. Have a heart, man! Pretty please?
(Does the eyelid batting trick that works so well for cousin Marion at Xmas.)