Monday, July 05, 2010

Don Norman at Business of Software 2009

Don Norman at Business of Software 2009, video.
This is a fun video with many good points.
He mentions how he worked once as a consultant for Apple, and he wanted a legacy and decided to try to coordinate just one little simple thing: the power switch. And everybody agreed that it would be great if the power switch was recognizable over their whole product line, division by division. But after half a year of trying, they gave up, it couldn't be done. Big groups of people simply can't agree.

I also like his many fine examples about how complexity is not always bad. Its very true. Many years ago I wrote a poem which included a line about the Beautiful Complexity of the Universe, or something on those lines, and people disagreed with it, because Everybody Knows that simplicity is beautiful, not complexity... well, have you looked at the scoring card of a piece by Bach?

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