Monday, November 02, 2009

Optimus Prime

(Read the sign below.)
I find it rather amazing how important people take their heroes.
Especially considering that Optimus Prime is:
1: A robot, not human.
2: Fictional.
3: From a TV cartoon.
4: Which was based on a toy line.

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At 2 Nov 2009, 18:56:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

Yeah offense, as written in your previous post: probably created by a man 'cuz "you guys" somehow make intangible imaginary beings be your "heroes" rather than each other or some wom[a/e]n. :-) For instance, I think every woman who gives birth is a HERO in my book!! NO GUARANTEE that the little person that they "squirt out" will even *like* them! lol! Now, *that* is a HERO!!!!!! :-)

At 3 Nov 2009, 09:16:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"3: From a TV cartoon.
4: Which was based on a toy line."

Yeah, well, "there's a thin line"... ;-)

Besides, admit it, that line's way kewl.
"Do not grieve... Soon I shall be one... with the Matrix..."
Any quote with the word "Matrix" in it is by definition ├╝ber-kewl, oh Chosen One, I mean Neo, I mean Eo!

I'm currenty very much into Roary, the red racing car.
Not that I was given much choice about liking it. Can't disappoint the li'l ones when your name's Unca Pascal. :-)

At 3 Nov 2009, 09:36:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

P.S.1: Just wait till he sees the robot police car he's getting for X-mas.
"To Punish and Enslave" is this Decepticon's creed,
and I soon spotted it indeed.
Was the last one in ANY store.
There were of it no more
I'd better ready my smoochie-special towel and make sure it's extra-dry. Something tells me I'm going to need it. :-)

P.S.2: Had you seen this, (n)Eo?
I always found them a little uneasy to make out.

At 3 Nov 2009, 13:49:00, Blogger eolake said...

Ah, the lyrics to one of my favorite songs!

And Therese Vadem wrote them, I did not know. I just knew she sang. She has a beautiful voice.
(And it hot, from what little I saw in a video once.)

At 4 Nov 2009, 08:42:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

A video?
Come on, dude, share with your buddies, don't be selfish!

At 4 Nov 2009, 11:23:00, Blogger eolake said...

Well, it was somewhere on

At 6 Nov 2009, 23:47:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fictional heroes are the only ones who won't disappoint. Someone real will inevitably fall short. And Prime even came back from the dead. He was a hero...then a memory...and then a hero again.

At 7 Nov 2009, 08:48:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That is, unless you consider your idols having a sexual life as a dire disappointment.
Gee, this gives a whole new meaning to "take the blue pill, Neo", "the bald eagle has landed, Captain" or "soon I shall be one with the Matrix", doesn't it?... :-)
[Note to self: remember to phone Mrs Kaputnik about her Papanicolaou results.]

(P.S.: "Happy birthday Anon"? Hey, you know these guys? Why didn't you tell us? BTW, nice bod. Love the kewl golden mask. ;-)


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