Monday, November 02, 2009

Optimus Prime

(Read the sign below.)
I find it rather amazing how important people take their heroes.
Especially considering that Optimus Prime is:
1: A robot, not human.
2: Fictional.
3: From a TV cartoon.
4: Which was based on a toy line.


TC [Girl] said...

Yeah offense, as written in your previous post: probably created by a man 'cuz "you guys" somehow make intangible imaginary beings be your "heroes" rather than each other or some wom[a/e]n. :-) For instance, I think every woman who gives birth is a HERO in my book!! NO GUARANTEE that the little person that they "squirt out" will even *like* them! lol! Now, *that* is a HERO!!!!!! :-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"3: From a TV cartoon.
4: Which was based on a toy line."

Yeah, well, "there's a thin line"... ;-)

Besides, admit it, that line's way kewl.
"Do not grieve... Soon I shall be one... with the Matrix..."
Any quote with the word "Matrix" in it is by definition ├╝ber-kewl, oh Chosen One, I mean Neo, I mean Eo!

I'm currenty very much into Roary, the red racing car.
Not that I was given much choice about liking it. Can't disappoint the li'l ones when your name's Unca Pascal. :-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

P.S.1: Just wait till he sees the robot police car he's getting for X-mas.
"To Punish and Enslave" is this Decepticon's creed,
and I soon spotted it indeed.
Was the last one in ANY store.
There were of it no more
I'd better ready my smoochie-special towel and make sure it's extra-dry. Something tells me I'm going to need it. :-)

P.S.2: Had you seen this, (n)Eo?
I always found them a little uneasy to make out.

eolake said...

Ah, the lyrics to one of my favorite songs!

And Therese Vadem wrote them, I did not know. I just knew she sang. She has a beautiful voice.
(And it hot, from what little I saw in a video once.)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

A video?
Come on, dude, share with your buddies, don't be selfish!

eolake said...

Well, it was somewhere on

Anonymous said...

Fictional heroes are the only ones who won't disappoint. Someone real will inevitably fall short. And Prime even came back from the dead. He was a hero...then a memory...and then a hero again.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

That is, unless you consider your idols having a sexual life as a dire disappointment.
Gee, this gives a whole new meaning to "take the blue pill, Neo", "the bald eagle has landed, Captain" or "soon I shall be one with the Matrix", doesn't it?... :-)
[Note to self: remember to phone Mrs Kaputnik about her Papanicolaou results.]

(P.S.: "Happy birthday Anon"? Hey, you know these guys? Why didn't you tell us? BTW, nice bod. Love the kewl golden mask. ;-)