Friday, August 28, 2009

Sony A850, and a New Price Barrier Broken

Sony A850, and a New Price Barrier Broken (on full-frame cameras), tOP article.
Last year Sony shattered the price on full frame high-res cameras (down from Canon's $7,000 to Sony's $3,000), and now they do it again. Heck of a bargain. In the US at least. Why is everything so much cheaper in the US? It seems to have become worse recently, with prices on many products being about the same number in Pounds Sterling as in dollar, despite the 1 to 1.6 exchange relationship in the currencies. (And in many cases the dealers are even forbidden to ship across the Atlantic.)


Alex said...

I've said it before the cheap bread is $1:50 per loaf and the cheapest baked beans are $1:25 per can.

Tell me you go to Lidl and spend 1.50GBP on a loaf!

Now I buy more loaves then cameras, I know for you it's the opposite way around...

Just blame the VAT.

Don't forget UK price is what you pay, here we stick 8% or 9% (varies by state/county/city) sales tax on the price at the register.

Rant over, back to life...

Ray said...

"Why is everything so much cheaper in the US?"

Because the USA has a population of over 300-million, and they all want a 'deal'. Maybe also because their currency is used as a reference base for the rest of the world - and just why I've never been sure, especially considering their financial fiascos of late.

eolake said...

Alex, yes actually I hadn't expected groceries to be that expensive in the US.