Monday, August 03, 2009

Chilluns going

[Thanks to Mad Cap Elron.]

A man was walking in rural Florida, and he saw a toddler playing by the river, when sudden a crocodile leaped out of the water, snapped up the child and was gone in flash.

Shocked, the man ran to the nearest house where a middle-aged man with a straw hat was sitting on the porch smoking a corn pibe.

Short of breath, the man told about the sight he'd just seen by the river. The man with the hat took his pibe out of his mouth and regarded him for a moment. Then he turned to the house and yelled: "Maw! See? I told ya sommin was gittin' those chilluns!"

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Dibutil said...

A tourist decided to take a swim in lower Nile, Egypt. But before entering the water he asked a local boy if the sharks are coming in from the sea. The boy was certain that no sharks are there. While entering the water the tourist asked the boy again:
- Are you sure that there are no sharks?
- Sure.
- Why so?
- They are afraid of crocodiles - replied the boy.