Friday, July 03, 2009

No-Slogan Week

I've instituted No-Slogan Week (International). It starts the first Monday in August every year. The goal is to eradicate all and every slogan on the planet.
It'll be run by No Slogans Limited, and its slogan is "No slogan is too big or too small to be eliminated".

It has a subdivision, No Slogans Unlimited, which has the goal to make every government in the world officially recognize No-Slogan Week, and has the slogan "No slogans anywhere, on every wall and every desktop in the world".


Jan said...

Waiter! Please serve me whatever he's having.

Anonymous said...

This statement is a lie

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with slogans? You're an idiot.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"You're an idiot", now there's a good slogan. Bravo!
Brief, to the point, and with an impact. :-)

"Follow a program, not a slogan"
(Slogan read on an election campaign poster in Lebanon a month ago)

Anyway, Down With Slogans!
Just say no to slogans.
A little discretion goes a long way.
Read my blog.
Click on my sponsors. (That's why I bothered making this whole stupid blog in the first place.)
Alfred E. Neumann for President!
Make love, fuck war.
Hate cætera.

Anonymous said...

I used to buy my fruit'n veg at a shop which said "Fresh is our slogan!".