Friday, May 15, 2009


This excellent drawing was found here, although as often happens, I have no friggin clue what the site is about. (What is it about straightforward communication that people can't handle?)

I'm trying to find out who made the butterfly, I really love it.

Update: more here.
He seems to be a one-note artist. Me, I'd get bored making the same curls day in day out, but some artists thrive in a small niche, more power to them.


Anonymous said...

It tells you what it's about under "about" though you should be able to tell anyway. THey made the mistake of thinking visitors to the site might be a cut above Forrest Gump in intellect.

Ray said...

The butterfly one seems to have been created as one-half as an original, and then mirrored to create the other half, and then the two spliced together with zero overlap.

It can't be completely coloured because of the open sections along the edges, which allow colour to escape into the whole background.
Too bad - it might have been a great project for the kids.

Uncle Ron said...

All those curlie-cues...wore me out...I had the same thoughts as Ray about that butterfly...