Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another bid at a flying car?

Another bid at a flying car?


Joe said...

It was always a dream to run a car on water. Now just need a l o n g garden hose to hook it to.

TC [Girl] said...

I'm just wondering if the Captain was there, that day; what their insurance rates must be like w/IDIOTS like this on the force; and...are they STILL employed at this particular station?! lol!

It doesn't seem to make any more sense than the technology of the Hovercraft, insomuch as something being able to [as we so clumsily see demonstrated here! lol!] acquire and maintain adequate height/clearance...to ANYTHING beneath it! Clearly, anything getting in the path of this thing would pretty much be destroyed!

And then there is the issue of trying to also maintain RELIABLE all-around pressure and...the integrity of the source. As also demonstrated, here, just a little *back off* of pressure in one feed could send this *thing* and it's passengers to a ROUGHLY dismounted and watery GRAVE! What the hell would be the damage on a person's body...even from the distance that this car crashes down?! ugh! Fuck! People die at less impact than that, never mind the firken whiplash or crushed vertabrae a person could acquire here!

Stick w/the Hovercraft, Joe; I think that would be a...uh...BLAST enough! :-)

And, no, no, no, Eo...NOT a very good idea for a flying car! This is *just* [really] a demonstration of what people's city and state tax money goes to fund! lol! *Fun* huh?! ;-)