Friday, May 29, 2009

Art or comics

More Buttercup Festival.

I've had a few "is it thises or thates?" recently, here's another: is this comics or is it fine art? I'm leaning towards the latter. Comic strips should ideally have more immediate communication and accessibility, but as fine art it's wonderful.

I sympathize, I've tended towards the same whenever I've attempted any kind of comic in the past. For a person who loves pictures and abstraction it's hard to compromise with that just so people can "understand". :-)

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At 29 May 2009, 20:49:00, Blogger Joe Dick said...

I think those work. The audience doesn't need to be beaten over the head with a punchline.

As for whether it's art, I don't know, but I do recall a funny Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin went over that kind of thing - "low" versus "high" art. For example, a painting of a comic strip: high art. A comic strip itself: low art. I don't see why that should be the case, but as things stand in the "art world" that's the way it's seen.

At 30 May 2009, 20:39:00, Anonymous David Troupes said...

Your comment that --
"Comic strips should ideally have more immediate communication and accessibility, but as fine art it's wonderful"
-- is interesting, but really I think that you're confusing the medium with the message. The term "comic strip" refers (in my mind) to the structural elements only: words, pictures, panels, etc. Whether these are used to say something immediate and accessible is beside the point of a work's status as comic strip. As for that horrible term, "fine art," I'd be happy never to hear it again. It removes much more meaning and subtly from a discussion than it adds.

But anyway, thanks for linking to my comic!

At 30 May 2009, 21:42:00, Blogger eolake said...

You have valid points, David.

I guess what I meant was that to me, they work OK as stories/jokes, but they work wonderfully as pictures.

(Of course they might grow on me as stories too.)

At 8 Jun 2009, 20:11:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is pretentious garbage. It might work if the dude could draw, but he can't. That's probably why he went into cartooning.


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