Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YouTube short-humor

YouTube is clearly giving birth to new humor productions, which is a good thing.

Take for instance Two Hot Girls In The Shower (sorry, no nudity, it's a tease). I think a few of the episodes are pretty funny, like this and this. And the humor is nice and subtle. It's clear they are pros, and they are apparently working in TV. Nice faces too.

But, some of the humor may be too gentle for its own good. Or is it just that 80 seconds is really too short to get the laughter muscles going? I think it is really short. Sure, we have short attention spans these days, but... ?

The Asian babe, Kim Evey, is also in Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine show. I'm not sure if it's a parody of an egregious show or just an egregious show. OK, the Ron Jeremy episode is pretty funny, sort of.


Michael Burton said...

I didn't have the patience to watch the whole thing, but, yeah, it looks pretty interesting.

And, you are absolutely right about short attention spans! Boy, do I hate that!

eolake said...

I didn't read your whole comment, but. Ah, forget it.

Alex said...

Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine reminds me of Mexican TV game shows, or at least the ones around her. Come to think of it, the ones on Ch27, one of the Asian channels, are like that too.

Shame you missed the "great" OTT when it was on in the UK with great sketches like this one and quizzes (I am assuming you missed it, it was in the mid 80's)

Alex said...

Messed up my links

Balloon dancing with a twist