Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Moving pianos

Apart from Laurel and Hardy's one, Fred has an answer to How Do You Move A Piano.

It also answers the question of where did Right Said Fred get that stupid name from. I'm sure there similar answers to Wet Wet Wet, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and oh my goodness, the list is infinite, isn't it.


Alex said...

According to Holly Johnson of "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" the bands name comes from a Frank Sinatra concert poster proclaiming "Frankie Goes to Hollywood".

I can't help you with most bands, but "Death Cab for Cutie" IS named for the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah bands track of the same name.

As for Sci Fi inspired band names.

Alphaville - Lemmy Cautions Strange Adventure.
Heaven 17 - Clockwork Orange
Duran Duran - Barbarella

In my youth I used to know half a dozen such band name etymologies.

Alex said...

Oh, there is also a Lego version, but didn't I already share that one?

For those who don't know Bernard Cribbins for his many wonderful characters in Carry On movies, he was the spy/taxi driver in Casino Royale, he was also The Doctors assistant in the second Peter Cushing "Dr Who" movie and he was the voice artist for the soft sculpture series "The Wombles".