Friday, March 14, 2008

Blue-ray article

An article about Blue-ray. It's pretty good, even with the headline "After Winning the Format War, Blu-ray’s Future Looks Bright"... No, really??

Funny detail: after the advent of DVD-players for prices not much more than those for a pack a cigarettes, the technology owner this time around are not giving licences to Chinese manufacturers! :)

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Bert said...

"[...] are not giving licences to Chinese manufacturers"

The average Made-in-China DVD players costs 14$ at the factory. Of this 14$, 7$ are paid in royalties for the technology.

The Chinese, being very pragmatic, decided that they were not going through this again with HD, so they devised their own format for their interior market. Which format I am told has nothing to envy to Blu-Ray.

Now, who's the biggest loser? The Chinese, or the idiots who led them to this?