Sunday, November 18, 2007

The f**k-you "love" song

Have you noticed that in recent years the Love Song has become the "f**k-you" song? Fortunately some of them are good songs. Or at least have good melodies.

By the way, about those people who become so exceedingly disparaging about their former Significant Others: I guess they don't realize that it really does not reflect well on their own judgement in having shacked up with the guy/gal in the first place, if he/she is really that awful.


Anonymous said...

"it really does not reflect well on their own judgement in having shacked up with the guy/gal in the first place, if he/she is really that awful."

Few people seem to present their real self when they first meet someone - the other person can't always be blamed for a lapse in judgment, unless you can fault someone for lacking the power of telepathy.

Alex said...

When you say FU I guess you mean that in the "glad we broke up, hope life goes bad for you" song, rather than, to paraphrase 70's uk, "do naughties". The Do naughties songs have been around for a while, sometimes with carefully hid euphemisms, we were questioning the Beatles "Come together" the other day.

I think I'd rather hear a bit of this rather than the old claptrap we used to be force fed about how love is full of angst "love is a battlefield" springs to mind.

There are examples of the FU2 songs dating back a ways too. I guess they tended to be more in the Goth end of things, but also Pythons "medical love song" fits the bill.

Anonymous said...

f**k-you "love" songs always make me go a big rubbery one.

Anonymous said...

Ne-yo's songs never had 'FU!'

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the f**k-you love song, here's one that's slightly more literal:

Anonymous said...

f-u songs to me are simply porn trash talk, i'd never say that to the one i love, it's vular and extremely distateful.
ewwwwwwwwwwww, nasat and filthy.
a simple i love you would suffice with a simplistic rose. forget the vulgarity of modern times, it's sickening.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I'm with you on that one, Terry (well, not LITERALLY speaking!!! ;-). I have no qualms about sexuality, but you should talk about your loved one with respect. Meaning, if you want to mention sex, do it with some finesse, not like you're swearing at a hooker.
Not that I have something against hookers (well, I'd like to have some thing right against them, blink-blink, nudge-nudge). Well, you know what I'm getting at.
Apart from "that", you obsessed people!

Follow Up, y'all. ;-)

Anonymous said...

But isn't Big E talking about the post-breakup song? That's a bit different. I like Lily Allen's song "Not Big," even if it is vulgar.

That said, they could do even that type of song much classier in the old days - try Peggy Lee singing "Cry Me a River."