Friday, November 23, 2007

Broken Back Mount

When Dances With Wolves was current, I didn't think a film would ever come around that I felt less desire to see.
But then Titanic arrived. This was surely the zenith of maudlin crap?
No, now comes Brokeback Mountain.
I shudder to think how this record will ever be broken.


Final Identity said...

Great short story. Good that the brilliant author got a good money deal off the movie. Also interesting that it's hit mainstream America and not raised as many hackles as it could have, beings as it's partly about the traumas and difficulties of being homosexual in an aggressively homophobic milieu.

From my point of view, that's almost predictably maudlin, as Eolake suggests. But from the point of view of the average movie-goer from the heartland, it's cutting-edge.

eolake said...

Good point.

Of course I really liked Will & Grace, because it made the same point, but with humor instead of sentimentalism.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I liked Dances With Wolves. I saw it long ago, but it was very nice visually, and outside the clichés of old westerns. (Okay, with the clichés of NEW westerns, it's a whole other cahyowtee. But in its days it was still original.)

no winners from the closet said...

brokeback mountain was poorly welcomed in my city, one theater closed for the evening due to lack of ticket sales.
i was told there was no sentiment for gay's just what i heard. and will and grace was cancelled due in part because they kept rehashing their pride about being gay.
i don't know if that were true but i personally didn't care for it. (will and grace) it made the characters strain "their pride" about being abnormal.