Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Humor is everywhere, in that there's irony in just about anything a human does.
-- Bill Nye

I like this quote because it supports my increasing perception that books and films (or indeed humans) without humor are missing a vital ingredient.



Alex said...

Okay, is is weird transport day. I just got sent a similar slideshow by a friend.

Scary thing is, even in CA we used to see beat up pick up trucks loaded with cardboard or pallets for recycling, and they looked like some of the trucks you showed here.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Bill Nye? "The science guy"? Hey, I love this fella!

Photo 1: "Hay! Look at the truck!"

Photo 2: "In China, moving with your house is not such a big deal. Just take it apart and call a couple of friends."

Photo 3: "Holy COW! It's COLD outside!"
(There's a mistake in the vehicle's licence plate, it should read GIC-1C0W)

Photo 4: "Somebody's got a lot of doctors to keep away?"

Photo 5: "The hazards of buying bootleg Viagra over the Internet..."

Photo 6: "Nobody ever caught Rajighul sleping on the job, because he had such a high position in the company."

Photo 7: "I suspect fowl play in the vicinity, Watson!"

The Resident Anonymous Flamer said...

As usual, Pascal's puns are lamer than a three-legged Chernobyl rooster sucking pot from an African motorcycle running on homebrew fuel. In the rain season, when the dirt roads are bad.

My job for today is done, see you all tomorrow, good people.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Say, RAF, you're getting pretty good at that carpet-bombing flaming stuff. I hope it pays well?

Royal Air Force said...

Thanks for the compliment.
It's pretty decent living, actually. Way better that waiting tables at McDonald's.
And it's a pleasant job, I just love to hate you.

ttl said...

Wow! There's some serious entrepreneurship depicted in those photos.

As a fellow entrepreneur I am sorry about the paparazzi incident.

nameless blogger said...

As a fellow entrepreneur I am sorry about the paparazzi incident.

no need to fret lady, they'll never trail you lol.
you're just a nameless blogger like myself.

Anonymous said...

I hope it pays well?
Two cents for every insult. But pennies add up :)

Anonymous said...

RAF, I salute you, you magnificent bastard. Pascal's such a pretentious dork. And for some reason seems proud to be from that shithole Lebanon.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah? Well, at least, *I* have a name!

Hey, it may be a shithole, but it's MY shithole. So I'll appreciate if you showed some respect, yo!

Not everybody is fortunate enough to be born in the snobbish luxury of Monte Carlo.