Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bjork - Human Behavior

I have a theory that Human Behavior is the single reason that Björk is a big star. If it had not been for that song, which is amazing and a classic, she would just be a major sub-culture star like, I don't know, Toyah Wilcox. Let's face it, though Björk clearly is a big talent, her work in general is very inaccessible. Except Human Behavior. (The song, not the video.) It is astounding what one big hit can do for somebody's bank account and career.

I dunno, maybe I am ignorant, she does seem to have a lot of emmy nominations and so on. But despite several attempts to get deeper "into" her, Human Behavior remains the one song of hers I really like. And I think it's not unlikely that others will award her the same good will that I have, based on the same song.


Hannah said...

Actually, I found out about Bjork when I happened to see a film house movie, Dancing in the Dark. Bjork had originally been asked to do the soundtrack, then ended up also playing the main character. I think her haunting and strange music fit the movie very well.

After that, I went and looked at her music. It's interesting but still... doesn't always appeal to me. Even Human Behavior is just... weird. My favorite song of hers is Bachelorette.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I didn't see Dancer in the Dark, because while I liked the TV series The Kingdom, most of Trier's movies did not work for me.

I bought Björk's music from that movie, and I did not care for it. Just opague, I thought.

I have the same reaction to The Sensual World by Kate Bush, though Kate is one of my favorite artists ever.

Hannah said...

The music outside the movie is one thing, the music in the movie is quite another. It fits into the movie very well.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I am sure you're right. No doubt such a soundtrack is really for people who have seen the movie.

Hannah said...

The music just doesn't make sense without the movie. In many cases, that's not true... but this is a pretty different movie. I haven't gotten myself far enough to watch it again, though it was very good. Very raw.

Alex said...

Toyah was more than a one hit wonder. She had several hits back in the day. I just can't remember a damn one of them. As for her movies, I saw her in one or two things I'm sure.

Kate Bush's Sensual World has some of my favourite tracks, though "The Ninth Wave" has to be the best half album ever (the 'b' side of "Hounds of Love").

Favourite Kate Bush songs for me though are "Ken" from the Comic Strip Presents GLC" and "Do Bears..." that touching duet with Rowan Atkinson.

As for sound tracks. I don't know the one you're talking about, but I had the same experience with "Infected" by "The The". They were an up and coming band, and had a good chart single. The whole album felt pretty monochrome, but when you watch the video album, a very powerful coupling.

Bjork - again, Human Behaviour is great, and the rest of the album is not accessible.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

""The Ninth Wave" has to be the best half album ever (the 'b' side of "Hounds of Love")"

Yes. History-making music on that one.