Friday, March 23, 2007

ACIM videos

More on the Power Of Source blog.

Free online video documentary about A Course In Miracles.

Update: sadly the video has been removed. But you can still probably find it via Search on YouTube.


C.E.O. R.K. Maroon said...

The ACME Company hereby officially denies any relation with your alleged "miracles" business.

You are warned to avoid making any amalgam between the reputed name of our company and your activities. Let it be known that we are a serious and respectable enterprise manufacturing and shipping fine explosives and hazardous accessories for looney cartoons since 1928.

We would therefore most appreciate it if you were to put an advisory every time you mention your acronym, stating that ACIM is entirely distinct from the honorable ACME Co, Inc.

Remember how the World Wrestling Federation wisely changed its name to WWE in order to avoid any mix-ups. I'm sure we can reach such a gentlemen's agreement without ever going to court.

Cordially your$, RKM.

eolake said...

"Remember how the World Wrestling Federation wisely changed its name to WWE in order to avoid any mix-ups."

Yeah, I bet a lot of endangered species were tired of masked muscle-men hitting them with chairs.

Pascal said...

Or maybe these animals felt the comparison was insulting to their intelligence? ;-)

ttl said...

I note you also link to Steve Ballmer's "Developers" from your YouTube user page. Shouldn't we all start from there? And perhaps not proceed to ACIM until we are sufficiently 'developed'?

I also would like to remind your readers that perspirating heavily, as happens when in sauna or during a yoga excercise, helps cleanse the body.

eolake said...

Heck, I posted them. (ACIM too.)

"I have four words for you!! Developers, developers, developers, developers!!"

ttl said...

"Heck, I posted them."

Ah, I see. But why? Copies of it have been available on YouTube since August 2005.

BTW, there's also a sequel, Advertisers! :-)

"(ACIM too.)"

Thanks. This seems to be new for YouTube.

eolake said...

I didn't realize they were already there. I just knew that the last time I tried to find them on the web, I had a hard time.

Dang, Ballmer really is a fre... a very enthusiastic man.

ttl said...

I see. I asked in part because I have noted that in general there's a lot of duplicates in YouTube. I thought that perhaps there is some incentive offered to uploaders that I was not aware of. (I have never uploaded anything myself.)

Ballmer is reportedly a 12 billionaire. I have never heard anyone say he has any talent other than acting a monkey on stage. This proves that---contrary to what thousands of self-help books say---you can become a self-made billionaire without offering anything of value to the marketplace.