Sunday, February 18, 2007


"Pollock". An Ed Harris film. It's just what you might expect and hope: powerful film about a powerful artist with powerful friends and powerful problems. Recommended.

Pollock's art rocks. I'd like to do some paintings with the drip-style. It is funny to think, though: 1) how do you do that and not be a Pollock rip-off? 2) Had he not invented it, would anybody? Would anybody do it well?


Anonymous said...

...just thought you'd like to know: Here in Australia (multi-million dollar customers of J.P) the expression "having a Jackson Pollock" means "to vomit".
I've seen "Blue Poles" up close, and it inspires all those cliched comments about one's baby sister's artistic abilities.

Anonymous said...

And who says that babies aren't true artists, eh?

My baby nephew drew a very interesting "diagonal lollipop" at age 18. 18 months, that is.
Maybe I'll send Eolake a scan to post. ;-)

Have you ever wondered, whether abtract artists who "draw like my baby sister" haven't just remained children at heart? (Very young children with rudimentary motor skills?)
Of course, few children would get paid millions for their doodles.

Now, if only my cat was one of those painter types, I'd be rich.
But I do have a 100% rodent-free house. :-)