Thursday, February 22, 2007

iPod toys

iPod just-for-fun toy products.


Anonymous said...

Well, I did click your just-for-fun link but then something quite extraordinary (for me) happened: Before even skimming any of the content, I proceeded to click one of the banner ads!

The ad was for the Sony E-book Reader.

This gadget features a new kind of display which looks like paper.

Wired has

Anonymous said...

... published an article about the product.

laurie said...

It's cute. I want to eat it.

Oh, it's an i Pod?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I've mentioned this device before. I'm a big believer in "being digital", including e-books. I think in twenty year paper publishing will be a small niche.

Hannah said...

I'd love to get my hands on the Sony Ereader - or even better, the Iliad.

At the moment I'm reading my books off of an old Palm IIIe - works like a charm. :)