Saturday, February 03, 2007

"Industrial Town Ekstetic" part one

This is my new "Industrial Town Ekstetic" part one.

The spelling is stolen from Ansel Adams. He took a commercial commision to shoot some photos for a calendar. The CEO from the customer told Adams: "Now don't make them too ekstetic." Gotta love that.


mickey graham said...

i'm not use to seeing the caution light on top of the traffic light. looks odd to me because here in spyland america our caution lights are in the middle.
nice phot eolake.

eolake said...

It is strange that in the picture the top light looks yellow, for it was actually RED.

mickey graham said...

it is? thanks eolake. i thought for a moment that perhaps european countries had the caution lights on top. i appreciate the clarification.
and i really like how you captured the moment as if to say "slow down and enjoy the view."
you have an excellent eye for photography. you really do. i hope you post more in the future?
i enjoy your photos and especially adore Domai.
you are very gifted sir.

eolake said...

Thanks, Mickey, very kind.

There'll be more.
(See for earlier work.)

eolake said...

By the way, the photos on Domai are not by me, I buy them from numerous freelancers.

Pascal said...

It's nice that you can do something you like such as this, and then share it for free with the world.

I wonder what your artistic eye would manage to see in Beirut or Lebanon. But don't come over right now, there's... bad weather at the moment, and I'm not talking about the winter! :-/

eolake said...

Yes, the web is every artist's dream. (If it is important to him to share his work.)

When friend told me of the web back in 1994, I said "I want one!!"