Saturday, February 03, 2007

Evening light

Again a handheld picture, 1600 ISO, F4.0, 1/25second, image-stabilized lens, Canon 5D.

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At 4 Feb 2007, 19:19:00, Anonymous mickey graham said...

I have a canon myself and like it very much. This photograph has a certain silent charm to it. I like the hovering mist over the automobiles in it.
Did you go to photography school? Just wondering?

At 4 Feb 2007, 19:41:00, Blogger eolake said...

Nope, I "eddicated" myself, starting in my teens by reading every single book about photography in the library.

At 5 Feb 2007, 01:26:00, Anonymous mickey graham said...

eolake said...
Nope, I "eddicated" myself, starting in my teens by reading every single book about photography in the library.

Man, that's impressive. Could have fooled me. I thought you probably had went to school.....but your dedication of educating yourself really paid off.
It just proves how much knowledge we can obtain through books and magazines and so forth. Too cool.
That's how my brother became an ace mechanic. Simple reading and by hands on experience. That just blows me away!

At 6 Feb 2007, 21:44:00, Anonymous Bayou Pascal said...

Yep, yer eddicated awright! Dis dere misty scenery's a mighty fine sight, ah reckon.
Ah'm mahself a self-eddicated philosopher, y'know. When ah dun read dem profesh'nul ones in school, ah found dat many were jest verbose, aye. Much ado about having nothing to say, is the usual rule. Cun't dey jest say it in simple wurds, so dat it takes less effurt teh unnerstand what dey say dan what dey mean?

I have an innate gift for reading and understanding, and I tell you, many of these blokes are just hollow. Confused. What was that proverb, again? "Things well conceived are clearly expressed"? Blurting convoluted gibberish is not always a quality to the discerning eye. :-P

This is why I like your work : rich, but not complicated. Simple yet efficient. And when it's abstract, it's simply for the sake of it, not for some Alberto Frank DaEinstein Code.

At 6 Feb 2007, 21:56:00, Blogger eolake said...

Y'all have mah most humble thanks.


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