Monday, February 12, 2007

Gas Tank Abstract


David Toyne said...

Like these very much Eolake. Remind me of early work of Idris Kahn.

Pascal said...

Well, the sight of such a big gas tank, and full, is definitely an abstract notion in Lebanon. Nobody's ever seen one of these for the last 32 years!

(Wide eyes) "It's sooooo beautiful!"

ttl said...

These are pretty strong images! These must look wonderful in a hi-res print.

Is this where you live?

eolake said...

If you look at the sunrise picture a few weeks ago, taken out the window, you can see the silhoutte of this gas tank.

signalroom said...

I really like the bottom one, it's very painterly. The top photo leaves me feeling a bit depressed. But that may be because I'm melancholic :)