Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gary Renard

Review of The Disappearance of the Universe.
Interview with the author Gary Renard.

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Anonymous said...

"Occasionally a book comes along that rips the rug out from underneath your feet and you end up sitting on your butt with a whole new world view."

An apt description if I've ever seen one. Even though it was along the lines of what I was already thinking, it was quite easy to ignore the implications until it was laid out by somebody else. This is the kind of book that blows your mind even when you've a rough idea what you should expect.

If nothing else, the lessons on what forgiveness really is make this an invaluable book. It's because of its strong focus on that that it packs the kind of punch it does.

There's not much else to say that isn't said in the links Eolake shared. Even what I said above has already been said. Highly recommended.