Friday, September 22, 2006


If you are not yet using, you are missing out on a great resource.
I use them often, and I am donating $20 every month to their work. I think spreading knowledge is one of the most important activities in the world, more than worth supporting.
They have several other projects worth noting.

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At 23 Sep 2006, 04:05:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

And to think Wikipedia costs nothing to its users -unless they want to contribute-! The best things in life are free...

Which is precisely why Wiki deserves all the mouth-to-ear advertizing they can get. Spread the good word, my bruthas an' sistahs.

At 23 Sep 2006, 07:06:00, Blogger Hannah said...

I love Wikipedia. The only thing is, is to remember to take everything in with a grain of salt. I actually use it for a starting place. Say I'm curious about something, last time it was the IEEE802.3 standard, I started out at Wikipedia and then got more nad more specific. Fun!

And I love how the articles are linked to each other. I don't remember how, but one day I ended up at an article about the different types of Japanese toilets - great!

I learned to work with encyclopedias and other reference materials in elementary and high school, but now... I don't know how people managed to just not have all this information at their fingertips. Kudos to Wikipedia for making it that much easier.

At 23 Sep 2006, 13:21:00, Blogger eolake said...

"I don't know how people managed to just not have all this information at their fingertips."

I know!
Altogether, life without the Internet is hardly imaginable to me now.

At 24 Sep 2006, 02:46:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Isn't there a History article on Wikipedia about the pre-internet era? Should give you the beginning of an answer to your metaphysical interrogations...

AND for that school essay that's due on Monday.

At 18 Sep 2008, 02:58:00, Anonymous anurag said...

However, they never accepted your name there.

At 18 Sep 2008, 09:58:00, Blogger eolake said...

Thanks, I'll look at it.


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