Friday, September 22, 2006


Continued from a comment I made myself under the Bewitched post:

Besides it is not just what you can *get* (with special powers), but what you can *do*.

Why limit yourself? I bet most pets are perfectly happy, but would you limit yourself to the life of a pet?

Many might say the human life holds all they would ever want, but isn't that just like the pet having finally convinced itself there is nothing for it outside that fence?


ttl said...

Self-limitation? This is too elementary. You aren't even talking about methods for neutralising one's limiting beliefs, but merely the existence of them. "Why limit yourself?", you say. Why indeed.

Only about 104,345 "self-help" books sold on Amazon have published this "revolutionary" discovery.

Captain Eo, you can write better.

eolake said...

C'mon, dude, I have mentioned methodology often. springs to mind.

But this one is more about the basic attitude, which I consider by far the most important.

Lucid Twilight said...

Hmph. A little harsh, ttl, don't you think? Besides, just because it's been said a million times before it doesn't mean that saying it again is unwarranted. Look at our current state of affairs- it obviously hasn't sunk in. The method to solving that is either to repeat it many times over or say it in a way it's never been heard, and I think we're getting both (even on this blog) in a good balance. (Everyone has a role to play.)

First the mind must be open to the idea that limitation is something that can be conquered. Before then methodology is of no consequence because it cannot be applied. Internal encumberance combined with cynicism creates an impenetrable cage, one that cannot be unmade because the occupant is unwilling to leave, regardless of how loudly he complains.

It is not Eolake's responsibility to share methods by which to free oneself, but he has. Whether those methods work for other people is for them to determine. (Should they choose to read other entries in this blog, which they should if this interests them. If they don't it can only be assumed they don't really care.) Everyone must find their own path in life. There is no one-size-fits-all cure for self imposed limitation.

Break free. It really is that simple. It can even be said there's nothing to be free of, only the illusion that there is. We've complicated it to such a degree that we can't understand this and thus cannot allow our freedom before we've jumped through an endless series of hoops.

We are not freed upon completing those processes, but upon the realization that those processes are unnecessary.** (I'm not talking about mere surface level intellectual understanding. Our beings go much deeper than we realize. To put it in the simplest terms possible, knowledge does not equate to "getting it.") It's paradoxical in nature.

Ultimately, the best way to prove there's something worthwhile beyond the fence is to go beyond it yourself and return with tales of where you've been and what you've seen. Some will respond, some will not. Our individual journies would not always have us go in the same direction, but our paths still coalesce at many points. Given time and understanding, we will find our way, and we'll help each other to do it.

**To clarify, it is unnecessary in the sense that it never had to be this way, but we have made it so and so it must be played out.

Anonymous said...

there are limits to everything actually. how many things can you do at once anyway? bewitched was only make-believe like I dream of jeannie.
i would prefer the jeannie in the bottle over the witch in the suburbs lol.

Ale The Fairy said...

Why limit yourself?
Ignorance is a true blessing. You don't have to do anything... things "happen" to you, therefore, you are not to blame.
When you assume the responsibility, you also know you create your own existence and taking decisions is not always easy. Sometimes we just don't want the consequences of our decisions... and we give our power away.
I think this is deep down the reason why a lot of people don't go that road and limit themselves. It is easy to blame others, heaven, gods or bad luck... it requires no effort either.
Not everbody wants freedom. Having "a master" is comfy.


Lucid Twilight said...

But ironically, it is because we fear that we have need to fear. Whatever we decide to do or to be, we will receive validation for it. Whether mystical or rational, there is no denying that our perception shapes our personal reality and will influence our lives in drastic ways. When you perceive a need to fear, you will find or create one.

It is also worthy of note that we never actually give up our freedom. Living in a cage is just as much an expression of free will as living without limitation.

Lucid Twilight said...

"When you perceive a need to fear, you will find or create one."

A reason to fear, that is.

Pascal R said...

What, you mean the Boogeyman behind my door is all in my mind??? Well, how about THAT for breaking news! I am SO telling him off! ;-)

I already mentioned my pet cat. Extremely affectionate. (He's currently lying on my arm, making typing uneasy, because he's a bit jealous of the time and attention I give to the computer.) But he also goes outside freely, and can spend a whole day God-knows-where exploring the vast forest.
This is one very happy pet who still NEEDS to go beyond the fence. Contented, yet always seeking stimulation and discovery. (Or just more yummy rodents, perhaps?) There's a lesson here, I believe.

We bipeds can be so needlessly complicated at times!...