Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big camera

Professional digital cameras have something like 20 megapixels these days. (A pixel is one of the little dots on your screen. A megapixel is a million of those.) How about a camera with one hundred and sixty megapixels!?
And handheld too... Although this camera is stretching the definition of that. This picture is not a joke!

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At 21 Sep 2006, 00:04:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Not a joke? Are you serious? ;-)

This thing looks like some bona fide antique from the Flintstone Age. If some nut-and-screwloose really made a 0.16 gigapixel camera like that, he's stretching it worse than for the natural birth of siamese twins. (Wince.)

At 21 Sep 2006, 00:23:00, Blogger eolake said...

The camera is real, dude.
I don't know what it weighs, but it is not something I'd want to carry around for street photography!

Is it even possible to give natural birth to siamese twins?

At 21 Sep 2006, 00:25:00, Blogger eolake said...

OK, looked it up on the page I linked to. Almost three kilos! And that's without a lens! A large-format lens is probably at least a kilo in itself.

At 21 Sep 2006, 00:33:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

Actually, I think the first living siamese twins were born after the Cesarian surgical procedure.

Before that, I suppose both them and the mother would die. VERY unpleasantly.
It seems like a very simple and sufficient reason to grant women equal rights : for milleniae, they paid a huge tribute in pain and lives for the survival of the species. VERY FEW men realize the amount of bravery this implies.

At four kilos, isn't it false advertizing to stilll call it a "portable" camera? More like a MOVABLE camera. If you have a moving crew and truck, courtesy of NASA!

At 21 Sep 2006, 05:04:00, Blogger Bram said...

Yup, a movable camera just about sums it up.

That being said, most digital camera's are too small for my liking. It's so hard to hold them steady when there's nothing to hold on to :(. This, of course, results in my trademark blurry pictures. Especially with slow shutter times, of course :)

At 21 Sep 2006, 07:34:00, Anonymous ttl said...

Oh, this is sweet. I so want one of those! Don't necessarily need panorama per se, but with 160 megapickels to play with who cares.

At 22 Sep 2006, 00:10:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

The day I saw this boat, I also said "I want one of these"...

At 22 Sep 2006, 00:13:00, Blogger eolake said...

I couldn't use it, I guess, but it *is* a very nice likkle boat. Almost big enough to be a ship.

And from the last picture, it is clear that it inspires envy as well as admiration.

At 23 Sep 2006, 03:47:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

It is also clear the "ikkle boatikins" (a typo here, Eolake?) was only vandalized DIGITALLY.
Still, if somebody dared to do it for real, I'd ve very curious to meet him in person. From behind a bullet-proof glass. ;-)

At 23 Sep 2006, 04:09:00, Blogger eolake said...

Nah, I like to type likkle words like that sometimes.

At 24 Sep 2006, 02:09:00, Anonymous Pascal R said...

I give in. You have this discussion "lickled".


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