Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A small film recommendation

(You gotta love a blog for getting out small notes about anything that comes to mind, that some people may like, and others can skip if they wish.)

The film "Duets" is much overlooked. But I found it quirky, funny, and interesting. Also it turns out that Gwyneth Paltrow can sing. I mean she can really sing! Wow. Huey Lewis (who does a great job playing accross from her) says "she's a great singer. Not a good singer, a great one.)
Incidentally, it is an interesting phenomenon that when I Google an actress to find a picture of her, it is hard to find one which shows her with personality... Most of the professional pictures have been so "genericised" by make-up and computer retouching that they all look the same! It's disgusting.


Anonymous said...

Wow, What a charmer with yellow rose in hand and a beautiful smile. A perfect capture by the photographer.
Bob Schneider

Roger Coss said...

My favorite Paltrow film was "Sliding Doors" It plays to one of my fixations, "what if this happened instead of that?"

Anonymous said...

The photograph looks beautiful. There's nothing wrong in putting make-up. Imagine an extremely an ugly woman, she needs plastic surgery and make-ups to look better. Thats a feminine thing you shouldn't extract it. its a modern world. Women would look like gorillas and chimps if they went too natural.